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VIDEO: Station fire montage

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Below is a YouTube video posted by cjbrother88, showing a montage of Los Angeles Times photos:


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September 8, 2009 at 1:40 pm

More Tweets and TwitPics

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via areopagite on TwitPic

via areopagite on TwitPic

The twittersphere is abuzz with more TwitPics and reactions to the brush fire in Glendale…

MarkBrunetz: WOW! The city of Glendale is burning… never thought I’d say that. A little too close to home. Hope people are safe!

OctopusGrigori Fire in Eagle Rock/Glendale. Helicopter water drops, evacuations, firefighters – madness.

oicStars smells like the Glendale fire smoke made its way into Burbank… we are going to the national night out now

areopagite It’s still fire season in LA – here’s the fire helicopter by Hwy 134 0.5 mile from my hospital in Glendale:

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August 4, 2009 at 7:41 pm

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Tweets about the Glendale brushfire

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Below is a list of photos and tweets coming from Twitter users about the Glendale brush fire. Posts are in reverse chronological order.


twitpic-logobristock Took photos of fire in Glendale, off the 210

almadrigal My house is fine everybody, people on the Glendale side are a little closer.

jayher17 – Is this the fire in Glendale

geekandahalf Rock fire – from my deck

ellblo @rainwood The fire is in Glendale

tonytypes – Fire in Glendale. View from Long Beach

JimmyBramlett – Smoke from the Glendale fire as seen from Dodger Stadium.

Denkym Fire Fire Fire! Avoid the 134 fwy between Eagle Rock and Glendale.

mrxposed – Eagle rock / glendale is burning !!!


twitter_logo_headerkrystyn@GlendaleNP I’ve been hearing the water copters for a while now, but can’t really smell smoke or anything. I’m 5 miles from the evac line.

quartzcity Yeesh. Smoke from Glenoaks Canyon fire easily visible from office door. #glendale

krystyn o no wonder there’s ghettobirds – I guess there’s a brush fire in Glendale. awesome. *cowers*

kaylai_j Traffic on the way to Glendale bleh

MhairZ Fire in Glendale, fire in Glendale ahhhhh!

JosephRoca damn now theres a freakin fire by my house in glendale!!! man hope no houses burn down…

sethfreeman Evacuated from wading pool on Glenoaks to escape fire in Glendale!

chaddeus Oh dude. I thought the brown clouds over Glendale was just really bad smog… But it was that brushfire. Good luck to the 134W people!

littlecranberry trying to figure out how to get to glendale while still avoiding the 134/2

MYKEnIKEieS Why does the fire in glendale, have to right next to my house, this is really bad timing -_- -Mykey

infestma@GlendaleNP My favorite pIc

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August 4, 2009 at 6:53 pm

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Missing girl: Marie Cruz

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Reader submission from Anita Garcia:



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August 3, 2009 at 6:37 pm

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Sunday news roundup

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‘We won’t change a thing’
Seeking to calm concerns, Virgil’s new owners say the beloved shop will stay the same.

Community bids chief farewell
More than 300 friends and colleagues gathered Friday at the Autry National Center of the American West in Los Angeles to bid retiring Glendale Police Chief Randy Adams farewell as he prepared to start a new job as head of the Bell Police Department.

Power plant in line for face-lift
A $60-million overhaul of the city’s aging power plant is beginning to pick up steam, according to an update to the Glendale Water & Power Commission earlier this week.

Four arrested in heroin bust
Two adults and two teens were arrested Thursday night after Glendale police reportedly confiscated 36 balloons of heroin following a two-week investigation into what officials say is becoming a growing addiction among local youth.

Vaquero advances
Even though the Vaquero All-Stars were shut out over the final four frames of Friday evening’s District 16 9-10 Baseball All-Star Tournament semifinal, Vaquero Coach Juan Piedra insisted the pressure was concentrated on their opponent, the Crescenta Valley All-Stars.

CV routs Foothill, 12-0
With sound pitching and a power-hitting lineup, the Crescenta Valley Major Baseball All-Star team liked its chances to reach the championship contest.

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July 12, 2009 at 4:00 pm

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Power line explosion in the Crescenta Valley

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Via e-mail from Tricia Flynn:

This morning, Sunday, July 12, at around 8:00am, on Santa Carlotta Street near Lauderdale Avenue, a live power line exploded and fell to the ground from the top of the telephone pole. The wire was extremely live and hot. Crescenta Valley power line explosion

I called 911 and Glendale Fire and Glendale Police responded immediately. When they came on scene and before I grabbed my camera, there was a huge explosion from the end of the wire that sent a fire ball of electricity into the air, more than 10 feet into the air. You could see blue and yellow and red flashes and the electrical sounds was loud and scary.

The heat coming from the wire was causing a smoldering, hot fire on the ivy and plant coverage on the corner of Lauderdale and Santa Carlotta St. The heat even caused branches in a tree that was near it to just almost melt and fall off. The police blocked off the streets to keep cars and people away and waited for DWP to come on scene. About 40 minutes passed when they arrived to shut off power in the neighborhood so that Glendale Fire could put their chemical foam on the area that the wire was laying.

Editor’s note: Tricia Flynn in charge of publicity for St. James Catholic School in La Crescenta

Photo courtesy Tricia Flynn

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July 12, 2009 at 3:49 pm

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