The Early Edition: Burbank Leader

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Lending families a hand

A last-minute push from firefighters and the community helped the Family Service Agency of Burbank meet a record demand from families in need of holiday toys, officials reported.

Checkpoints to eye DUIs

Drivers who take to the road after sipping a couple of alcoholic drinks at a holiday party stand a greater chance of landing in jail this weekend.

Cutting down on smoke

Local law enforcement and anti-smoking advocates are lauding a citywide program that aims to keep cigarettes away from children, citing a dramatic reduction in the number of businesses that fail to check identification.

Board moves for funds

The Burbank Unified School District Board of Education unanimously entered into an agreement Dec. 17 with state officials to formalize the district’s candidacy for the Obama administration’s signature education policy.

Small Wonders: Christmas morning, in script

Daughter 1: It’s 9:15!
Daddy: Do you like your new watch, honey?

Written by Max Zimbert

December 26, 2009 at 9:00 am

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