The Early Xmas Edition: Glendale News-Press

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Helping families in need

For many, Christmas is a time of celebration and gift giving, but for families struggling to make ends meet, the time of Santa and presents under the tree can be daunting.

Fees not raising much

When the City Council in 2007 imposed development impact fees on new projects in Glendale, they were heralded as a way to bring in tens of millions of dollars to combat the city’s lack of park space and aging library facilities, but a protracted recession has kept that revenue to a trickle, officials said.

Checkpoints to eye DUIs

Drivers who take to the road after sipping a couple of alcoholic drinks at a holiday party stand a greater chance of landing in jail this weekend.

Water district targets independence

Foothill Municipal Water District officials have settled on a $63-million plan — to be presented to the public next month — for projects that a voter-approved bond would help fund.

Rewriting the record book and Hoover history

Unprecedented may be the best word to describe the 2009 season turned in by the Hoover High boys’ water polo team and its best player, Hakop Kaplanyan.


A list of student-athletes taking home big honors.

Education Matters: Christmas tidings from the hospital

I find it easier to focus on meaningful things at this time of year. Easier also to center my attention away from the vast and the noisy and the troublesome and more on the quiet, the unobtrusive, the inconspicuous, the vital.

Written by Max Zimbert

December 25, 2009 at 9:52 am

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