Burbank’s superintendent Kevin Jolly is out

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Dr. Kevin Jolly, Burbank Unified School District superintendent. (Photo courtesy of the Burbank Unified School District)

It’s official. Burbank Unified School District superintendent, Kevin Jolly, will resign effective June 30.

Be sure to check out our story in tomorrow’s paper. For those who need to get up to speed, check out Saturday’s article.

The Board of Education has yet to decide the next step in finding a new superintendent.

What they do know is that they will not elaborate beyond the statement board President Dave Kemp released late Monday, which follows:

“Today, District Superintendent Dr. Kevin Jolly submitted, and I accepted, his resignation from the District effective June 30, 2010. He has announced his resignation now so that he is able to fully consider other opportunities and in order to allow the District time to find his replacement. Dr. Jolly brought passion, energy, and progressive ideas in his time with the District.  he remains committed to working with the Board in maintaining and building upon the many achievements of which the District community can be proud.

Board of Education

However, there is no doubt that the District faces challenges going forward.  In addition to Dr. Jolly’s resignation, there is the recent departure of Deputy Superintendent Mr. Joel Shapiro. Additionally, the District is once again faced with the challenge of further State budget cuts. These changes and challenges only reinforce the fact that the District’s focus must be forward-looking and on ensuring that a leadership team and structure is in place that is able to guide the District through this critical transitional period. To this end, the Board is carefully evaluating these issues and is committed to taking the actions necessary to maintain the quality of educational services the District community has worked so hard to provide.”

Dave Kemp, President

Written by Max Zimbert

December 8, 2009 at 2:07 pm

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