St. Finbar Catholic Church to purchase property at 2600 W. Olive Ave. in Burbank

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St. Finbar Catholic Church in Burbank this weekend announced its plans to buy office property at 2600 W. Olive Ave. in Burbank. The announcement was made by the Rev. Albert Bahhuth, pastor of St. Finbar’s Church, in a letter to parishioners on the church website.

The purchase is part of the parish’s development plan called “Building on the Keystone,” the largest construction project at the church since 1950 when the original church was built.

According to the church’s website, “This plan is designed to provide the resource space and facilities needed to meet our mission and accommodate our community’s continuing growth”

“I’ve had numerous prayerful and practical consultations with our Pastoral, Finance and Ministry Leaders Councils, in order to explore the concept of purchasing this property,” said Bahhuth. “I believe this decision has resulted in a very smart financial move for our long-term facility operation and parish plan.”

Read the Rev. Albert Bahhuth’s letter to parishioners >>>

Written by Michael J. Arvizu

December 5, 2009 at 5:24 pm

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