Students get hands on before the holidays

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Students measured water displacement and volume using graduated cylinders (image by WikiMedia Commons)

Teachers say the days leading up to Thanksgiving can be among the least productive of the school year.

Students are busy daydreaming of sleeping late and bingeing on mashed potatoes.

Not so at Dunsmore Elementary School on Monday and Tuesday.

Fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders spent hours on science and math experiments in a Math Science Investigation that was both informative and messy.

“The objective of the event is to have the students use the scientific method to explore the world of the metric system,” said teacher Cindi Gardner. “Algebraic formulas are very abstract for them, but they have hands-on experiments, like this, they can bridge into the concepts.”

Students created tools to measure volume, water displacement, mass and more. There were eight stations devoted to scientific experimentation — students had a trill and learned something too.

“Whatever number’s left on the graduated cylinder, we subtract that from the starting number… that’s how much water the cup will hold,” said Amy Lim a sixth-grader.

“I think.”


Written by Max Zimbert

November 24, 2009 at 4:26 pm

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