Shyness: Elementary school edition

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It finally happened. After a few months covering schools in our community, I was 100% rejected today… by kindergartners and pre-schoolers.


A good chunk of my work requires I convey students’ voices in stories in the News-Press and the Leader.

The best trick to get them talking, especially the elementary school children, is to kneel down so that you’re at their level.

Wednesday at First Lutheran School in Glendale, no trick would get the students talking to me. My colleague, Veronica, suggested my beard was a problem, but I’m not so sure.

Parents explained their sons and daughters were in a shy mood. It didn’t take long to recognize that. The kindergardners looked up, looked down, and did whatever the could to get away from the adults and back to coloring.

An old mentor said an important journalistic milestone is being subpoenaed. For an education reporter, it’s a little different.


Written by Max Zimbert

November 11, 2009 at 12:32 pm

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