Schwarzenegger signs water bills in Tujunga

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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed two of the five bills in the state’s historic water reform package Friday at a Tujunga groundwater treatment facility, where he encouraged voters to support a crucial component of the effort.

Voters will have to approve an $11-billion bond measure in November 2010  in order to allow officials to leverage $40 billion in water infrastructure spending, Schwarzenegger said.

“This is the best investment that we can have,” said Schwarzenegger, speaking at the Tujunga Wellfield Groundwater Recovery Project. “That is why I want to urge the people to look at it.”

The funds will allow California to repair ailing levees in the strained Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, invest in a series of above- and below-ground storage projects and establish more groundwater treatment and recycling efforts, he said.

The reform package will also require urban water users to cut 20% of their consumption by 2020 and will create systems for better monitoring water resources, he said.

“It is a historic agreement,” he said.


Written by Zain Shauk

November 6, 2009 at 2:26 pm

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