LaRouche protest Obama’s policies

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Carol Ruckfert of Los Angeles protests President Barack Obama's health policies outside the post office on Foothill Boulevard. (Seth Amitin/Valley Sun)

Members of the LaRouch movement were camped out in front of the post office at the corner of Foothill Boulevard and Rinetti Lane in La Cañada today protesting President Obama’s economic and health-care policies.

LaRouche was founded by radical political activist Lyndon LaRouche, who ran for president eight times.

The demonstrators stood at a table adorned with posters depicting Obama with a Hitler-like mustache and passed out literature denouncing, among other things, England and a plot to deflate the U.S. dollar.

“We are here to get the truth out,” Frank Defalco said. “The economy is finished, it is never coming back.”

Protestor Carol Ruckert said that Obama’s health-care reform battle is a thinly veil plot to kill senior citizens.

“It is all a cover up for what they are doing,” Carol Ruckert said. “They are trying to ram through the euthanasia program. It is like what Hitler did in Nazi Germany. It is modeled on the Not Worthy to Live program.”

Those walking by largely ignored the demonstrators, and some denounced them outright.

“You disgust me, I would never dream about talking to you,” a pedestrian said as she passed the table, “such disrespect for the President of the United States, who was duly elected.”


Written by Megan O'Neil

October 29, 2009 at 1:23 pm

Posted in la cañada

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