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From the Glendale News-Press

Minutes into starting my job here, I called my oldest mentor. I wanted to let her know about my new gig, and tell her a bit about Glendale. But I also wanted to ask her advice on how to fulfill the rather daunting requirements of being editor.

Barbara, who works at a paper up north, was my mom’s college roommate. She has given me voluminous and invaluable advice throughout the years. After, that is, she gave up on persuading me not to join this crazy, ill-paid and occasionally precarious profession. (“Have you thought about business school?” was her first reaction when I told her I was applying for my first reporting job.)

Her guidance was simple and straightforward: talk to and meet as many people as possible, be as transparent as possible in everything you do, and only make change the things that truly need to be changed.

“A lot of times, a new editor will come in and just change everything,” she said. “That’s OK, I suppose, but it’s much better if people know what to expect on their doorstep each morning.”

I have made a lot of changes in my seven months here. We have added blogs, updated the website, and dramatically increased our social networking presence. All of these, in my mind, were necessary to keep the Glendale News-Press an important and vital part of this online and interconnected world of ours.

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Written by Dan Evans

October 26, 2009 at 11:10 am

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