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Poll results: Metrolink agreed to pay $30 million to settle 90% of the lawsuits filed against it in the aftermath of a 2005 derailment that killed 11 passengers on the Glendale border. Is $30 million enough?

chart(1) No. After the crash, 150 complaints were filed, including wrongful death lawsuits. Metrolink did much more damage to people’s lives. (17 votes, 24%)

(2) Yes. Most of the cases filed did not involve critical injuries – let’s not drag out this litigation any further. (55, votes 76%)

Current poll: Residents and mobile carriers will get their first chance to weigh in on a draft ordinance meant to regulate the placement of cellular antennas. Should Glendale be able to deny permits for antennas because they aren’t keeping with the city’s aesthetics?

Yes. The city should require carriers to not only prove why they need to place their antennas at desired locations, and face denial if their proposals are deemed unsightly.

No. This gives the city too much control over cellular antennas – we don’t do this for similar services, why single out mobile phone carriers?

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Written by Times Community News

October 26, 2009 at 5:04 pm

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