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Poll results: A city commission has blocked the promotion of a Burbank Police lieutenant because he was named in an FBI probe into excessive force allegations. Do you agree with the commission?

chartburbank(1) No. The commission hasn’t denied this kind of promotion before. Let the police promote who they choose. (36 votes, 27%)

(2) Yes. The commission shouldn’t appoint someone who might be prosecuted for police misconduct, even if it means they don’t have all positions filled. (98 votes, 73%)

Current poll: A federal judge refused to dismiss a lawsuit accusing Burbank-based Walt Disney Co. of polluting the surrounding area with chromium 6. Do you think the lawsuit is valid?

No. Disney officials have denied the charges levied in the lawsuits, citing a soil investigation that found chromium levels well within California and EPA regulations.

Yes. I side with the plaintiffs who allege that for decades Disney pumped groundwater for its air-cooling system and added chemicals.

Cast your vote now at BurbankLeader.com.


Written by Times Community News

October 26, 2009 at 5:29 pm

Posted in Polls

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