Brava Barrymore

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I was curious how Drew Barrymore would do as a director on the new film “Whip It,” so I saw it last Saturday night at the Burbank AMC. I’m still in shock that I liked it so much. It has a good message for teens as well as overly doting moms. The ensemble cast was terrific. And Barrymore kept enough distance on screen to give the other actors a lot of breathing room. I’ve seen Barrymore in other films and although they were not as heart-warming, she’s always a kick to watch. I really recommend it.

I could have done without all the promos before the feature presentation. I don’t mind one or two but I think they showed like closer to eight or 10, way past my patience level.

Also I recommend the place I went for dinner prior to the movie. Pinocchio’s Restaurant on Magnolia Boulevard. I have a difficult time deciding between the spaghetti marinara and the eggplant. The tomato sauce is thick and rich — the perfect accompaniment to any pasta. And the colorful gelato case is hard to pass up, but so far I’ve succeeded. Delicioso!


Written by Joyce Rudolph

October 24, 2009 at 11:43 am

Posted in Entertainment

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