My turn for a breast cancer scare

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It was a typical morning. Feed the dog, cats, mom and the turtle. Walk the dog. Jump into the shower. The warm water felt great. I started working the soap across my torso and under my arms. Whoops! What was that? Naw, musta been a large fur ball off one of the cats. My fingers ran across my underarm again more slowly this time. And there it was. A lump. After my shower I showed the lump to mom. She suggested I make an appointment immediately with my ob/gyn, so I called and within an hour I was in his office. He looked at it and said it looked more like an swollen pore that had been aggravated by shaving. It would probably take a week to disolve. But I was sketical. Both my maternal grandmother and first cousin on my Dad’s side died of breast cancer, so I’m deligent about mammograms. I have to be more diligent about monthly self breast exams, but I’m usually too rushed to remember them. But when I hear someone complain about how painful a mammogram is, I tell them my story. My doctor went ahead an oked a mammogram, but within two days the nodule started to shrink and I cancelled the appointment. I was lucky this time.

We have done a series of stories related to breast cancer awareness this month. There are so many things we can do to protect ourselves if only we do them. If you can’t afford a mammogram, call the YWCA in Glendale. They provide funds for women who don’t have insurance or money to take the test. Do the monthly self-breast exams. Eat right. Exercise more. And share what you know with your friends.


Written by Joyce Rudolph

October 22, 2009 at 10:01 pm

Posted in health

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