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I’ll admit, I find the actual food kinda gross. I try to avoid fast food, but like most Americans, I succumb now and again — but very rarely for Burger King. I find their commercials creepy, their burgers greasy and the fries soggy. But, weirdly, I love their coffee. In fact, I am swilling a cup of The King’s finest as I type this. Whenever I visit the BK near Victory and Chandler boulevards in Burbank, the coffee has always been hot, fresh and tasty.

I do go for Starbucks now and again, but sometimes the Seattle brew is waaay too bitter for my taste. The Burger King coffee is milder, somehow sweeter and less expensive.

I have but one complaint: When going through the drive-thru, I don’t want to deal with the little cream packets. I’m as likely to spill the creamer — or the aforementioned hot coffee — in my lap as in my drink.

The Burbank BK won’t do that for you. I did ask why this morning, and received a completely logical response: “We handle money as well as make the drinks,” the woman in the drive-thru answered. “We don’t have a dispenser like the other guy, so it’s better if we just give you the creamers.”

By “other guy,” she was presumably referring to the McDonalds up the street. Their drive-thru people will, upon request, put your cream and sugar in the coffee. But, the coffee isn’t as good.


Written by Dan Evans

October 20, 2009 at 10:55 am

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