How sweet it is to be queen

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On Tuesday, Oct. 20 at 9:30 a.m., we will know who the Rose Queen is for the 121st Tournament of Roses Parade and 96th Rose Bowl Game.

I’ve covered the selection of the Tournament of Roses Royal Court and Rose Queen for the La Cañada Valley Sun for five years. And the paper itself has covered Court and Queen for decades.

The naming of the Rose Queen is particularly fun for me to photograph and write about because it allows for one girl to be in the spotlight. Once you’re selected as Rose Queen, you’re one for life. Sometimes the reactions to this great honor are priceless, as you can see from the following photos.


1930 | Holly Halsted
Holly Halsted is saluted as the Tournament of Roses Queen in 1930.

Rose Queen Holly Halsted


2003 | Megan Chinen
The Rose Princesses react as Megan Chinen, second from left, is named 2004 Rose Queen. The others are, from left, Christina Mills, Laura Stassel and Stephanie Barnes. (Scott Roby/News-Press)

Rose Queen Megan Chinen


2004 | Ashley Moreno
Ashley Moreno, center, gets hugged by Rose Princesses Lisa Pallay, left, Jennifer Propper, Alaire Hanashian, Kara Murphy, Allison Pedro and Megan Sheehan after Ashley was named this year’s Rose Queen. (Scott Roby/News-Press)



2005 | Camille Clark
Camille Clark (third from left) was announced Rose Queen for the 2006 Rose Parade. She receives hugs from court princesses Eliza Walper of Polytechnic, Alyssa Jones of Pasadena City College and Michelle Corral of Flintridge Prep. (Tammy Abbott/News-Press)

Queen Camille Clark


2006 | Mary McCluggage
This was a split second reaction from Rose Queen Mary McCluggage reacting as she hears her name being called by Tournament of Roses President Paul L. Holman announcing her as the Rose Queen for the 2007 Tournament of Roses Parade.  (Michael J. Arvizu/Valley Sun)

Rose Queen Mary McCluggage


2007 | Dusty Gibbs
Dusty Gibbs, center, reacts to being named the 2008 Tournament of Roses Rose Queen. This year probably marked the first time we ran a photo of the newly-announced Rose Queen without actually seeing her face, but I really enjoyed seeing her reaction, plus the reaction of Rose Princess Kelsey MacDougall reaching over to embrace her. (Michael J. Arvizu/Valley Sun)

Rose Queen Dusty Gibbs


2008 | Courtney Lee
Arcadia High School student Courtney Lee reacts after being named Rose Queen of the 120th Tournament of Roses Parade. I like how she seems to look around as if making sure she heard correctly. Or perhaps she’s just gasping? (Michael J. Arvizu/Valley Sun)



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October 15, 2009 at 5:32 pm

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