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photo2During the weekend, some unknown villain stole the news rack outside the News-Press and Leader offices. Odd, no? But you can’t keep a good newspaper down! I received the happy word this afternoon that the rack had been replaced. The circulation people, though, decided to put the paper inside front doors, instead of its former outdoor location (pictured).

Getting the rack pilfered offered me an interesting bit of insight into modern police work. I called the non-emergency number (duh) of the Glendale Police Department to report the theft. The woman who answered was unfailing polite — she didn’t even laugh when I told her my, ahem, crime. When the officer came to our offices to take the report, Veronica Rocha (our crime reporter) whispered he had been given an award for valor some years ago.

And then it struck me: Being a police officer certainly will have its moment, but, for the most part, you probably spend most of your time taking reports like mine — Medal of Valor winner or not.


Written by Dan Evans

October 13, 2009 at 5:39 pm

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