Tax refund check, Part Deux

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Readers: you may remember in September I shared my story about cashing my $29 tax refund check (which I later learned was actually a registered warrant) only to get hit with a bounced check and its associated fees.

Well, it’s now past Oct. 1, when the warrants are allowed to be cashed.

I haven’t yet attempted to cash mine, but I got this comment today from a reader:

“This gets even better…I waited until the prescribed date to deposit my tax refund check AND IT STILL BOUNCED. I was charged a returned item fee, which my bank immediately reversed under a line item called “10/09 CA WARR RET FEE REV,” which I assume is short for California Warrant Return Fee Reversal. If my bank has gone to the trouble of creating a line item with this title, I’m guessing people’s tax refunds are bouncing left and right. Now what?”

Anyone else had similar issues?


Written by Melanie Hicken

October 13, 2009 at 11:59 am

Posted in Updates & Early Stories

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