The Trickle Down Effect

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Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Every once in a long while, things get so convoluted that they get turned inside out upside down and as a result, create a very frustrating mess.

It all started Oct. 7 when Glendale Water & Power ran a “wrap” advertisement on the News-Press giving the incorrect days for outdoor irrigation — Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday, a reporter wrote a news brief that was supposed to let residents know about the error, but it only made things worse. The news brief accidently swapped the meanings in the first and second graphs, which meant the mistake on the irrigation days was repeated — only this time, it was the paper’s fault.

So now, this morning, I find myself writing a correction for our error that was supposed to correct Glendale Water & Power’s goof, and meanwhile I’d imagine readers are starting to get pretty confused about now.

In Saturday’s edition, we’ll be running a correction — fully vetted by yours truly — with the correct irrigation days under the city’s water conservation ordinance.

In case you don’t want to wait until then, they are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. There are more on the regulations here.

Written by Jason Wells

October 9, 2009 at 9:42 am

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