Continuing Tweets about Michael Jackson

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  1. 120_1212290_45_normal nxiang R.I.P., #MichaelJackson less than a minute ago from mobile web
  2. Napturally_hippy_normal RainbowSoulPoet Today #MichaelJackson was buried, reflect on “The Man In The Mirror” #RIP #MJ #RememberTheTime 34 minutes ago from
  3. Jamilprofileweb0820_normal JamilGotcher Lets get the Michael Jackson trending topics going tonight! Who is with me? #MJ #MichaelJackson The Worlds Greatest Entertainer #RIPMJ 34 minutes ago from web
  4. L_88a4c28b1e534c1698c8d31f36666e86_normal FlyannaMathers When I @FlyannaMathers finally get to Cali first order of bidness will be to visit the gravesite of my late husband #MichaelJackson!! 35 minutes ago from web
  5. L_88a4c28b1e534c1698c8d31f36666e86_normal FlyannaMathers #MichaelJackson would be getting burried in GARY INDIANA today #ifIhadbeenwithim!! 43 minutes ago from web
  6. Green_8716_default_profile_normal_normal brukins Huffpost – Dr. Kevorkian: #MichaelJackson Got What He Wanted #LOL #DrDeath speaks #Kevorkin #Murray
  1. Twitterprofilephoto_normal JanetJLuv_LTL I am really sad at the moment… missing #MichaelJackson soo much and praying for @JanetJackson and the entier family ❤ about 2 hours ago from web
  2. L_normal xxxAvaxxx #MichaelJackson will be laid to rest later on never thought I’d see the day I’m sure he’ll be looking down from somewhere sending love about 2 hours ago from web
  3. Sunny_normal SunShi9Smile Exclusive: Program from Michael Jackson’s Burial #michaeljackson #mj #healtheworld about 2 hours ago from Twitterrific
  4. Blondie_normal muenchner_kindl RT @WeMissMJBlog VIDEO: the mj movie ( mj’s day boo) Pls ReTweet! MJ music 4ever! #michaeljackson about 2 hours ago from web

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September 3, 2009 at 5:43 pm

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